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Mouse monoclonal anti-CD20 antibody, clone PBM-4G6

Catalog Number 10-310047

Marker binding CD20

Alternate Names

    •  MS4A1

    •  MS4A2

    •  B1

    •  Bp35

    •  CVID5

    •  LEU-16

    •  S7

Type Monoclonal

Clone PBM-4G6 (4G6)

Host Mouse

Species Reactivity Human

Usage Statement RUO (Research use only)

Suitable for IHC-P

Demasking of antigens According to the datasheet

Isotype IgG2a

Antigen CD20, full size recombinant protein

Localisation Membranous

Positive control Lymph node, tonsil, appendix

Storage conditions 2-8 °C


CD20 is a transmembrane, non-glycosylated protein expressed on B-cell precursors and mature B-cells, but lost following differentiation into plasma cells. This antibody does not cross-react with non-hematopoietic neoplasms. CD20 (B-cell Pan) reacts with a membrane antigen present in B-cells.

CD20 antibody strongly recognizes Reed-Sternberg cells predominant in Hodgkin’s disease. Since no staining of histiocytes or plasma cells has been observed and CD20 antibody has not been detected in T-cell malignancies, it is a very strong marker of B-cell Lymphomas. B-cell Panmarker recognizes a formalin-resistant intracytoplasmic antigen.


    •  0.1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  0.5 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  7 ml diluted, ready to use (RTU)