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Mouse monoclonal anti-CDX2 antibody, clone PBM-1C7

Catalog Number 10-310046

Marker binding CDX2

Alternate Names

    •  Caudal type homeobox 2

    •  Homeobox protein CDX-2

    •  CDX2 / AS

    •  CDX3

    •  CDX-3

Type Monoclonal

Clone PBM-1C7 (1C7)

Host Mouse

Species Reactivity Human

Usage Statement RUO (Research use only)

Suitable for IHC-P

Demasking of antigens According to the datasheet

Isotype IgG1

Antigen CDX2, full size recombinant protein

Localisation Nuclear

Positive control Pancreas, colon adenocarcinoma, appendix

Storage conditions 2-8 °C


CDX2 is a homeobox gene that encodes an intestine-specific transcription factor. CDX2 has been useful to establish gastrointestinal origin of metastatic adenocarcinomas and carcinoids and can be especially useful in distinguishing metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma from tumors of unknown origin. CDX2 has been shown to be expressed in mucinous ovarian cancer, bladder adenocarcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma and malignant germ cell tumors of the testes.


    •  0.1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  0.5 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  7 ml diluted, ready to use (RTU)