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Mouse monoclonal anti-MSH6 antibody, clone PBM-6F12

Catalog Number 10-310052

Marker binding MSH6

Alternate Names

    •  mutS homolog 6

    •  GTBP

    •  GTMBP

    •  HNPCC5

    •  HSAP

    •  p160

Type Monoclonal

Clone PBM-6F12 (6F12)

Host Mouse

Species Reactivity Human

Usage Statement RUO (Research use only)

Suitable for IHC-P

Demasking of antigens According to the datasheet

Isotype IgG2b

Antigen MSH6, full size recombinant protein

Localisation Nuclear

Positive control Colon adenocarcinoma, tonsil, lymph node

Storage conditions 2-8 °C


MSH6 is a heterodimer of MSH2 and binds to DNA containing G/T mismatches. The MSH2-MSH6 complex recognizes a single-based mispair insertion/deletion loop. An alteration of microsatellite repeats is the result of slippage owing to strand misalignment during DNA replication and is referred to as microsatellite instability (MSI). These defects in DNA repair pathways have been related to human carcinogenesis. Studies have shown the mutations in MSH-1, MSH2, MSH6, and PMS2 genes contribute to the development of sporadic colorectal carcinoma. The repair of mismatch DNA is essential to maintaining the integrity of genetic information over time. Recently, a heterogeneous pattern of MSH6 expression was described in rare cases of colorectal, endometrial and sebaceous tumors. In this pattern, areas of strong MSH6 expression are juxtaposed with areas of complete loss of expression.


    •  0.1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  0.5 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  7 ml diluted, ready to use (RTU)