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Mouse monoclonal anti-Synaptophysin antibody,

clone PBM-2В10

Catalog Number 10-310053

Marker binding Synaptophysin

Alternate Names

    •  Synaptophysin

    •  MRXsynaptophysin

    •  SYP

    •  MRX96

Type Monoclonal

Clone PBM-2В10 (2В10)

Host Mouse

Species Reactivity Human

Usage Statement RUO (Research use only)

Suitable for IHC-P

Demasking of antigens According to the datasheet

Isotype IgG1

Antigen Synaptophysin, full size recombinant protein

Localisation Membranous

Positive control Brain tissue

Storage conditions 2-8 °C


Synaptophysin is an integral membrane glycoprotein present in presynaptic vesicles in almost all neurons. This antibody reacts with a hydrophilic peptide sequence selected from the deduced amino acid sequence of synaptophysin. This antibody labels neuroendoctine cells of the human adrenal medulla, carotid body, skin, pituitary gland, thyroid, lung, pancreas, and gastrointestinal mucosa. Also labeled are neurons of the brain, spinal cord and retina. Neuroendrocrine neoplasms including neuroblastomas, ganglioneuroblastomas, ganglioneuromas, pheochromocytomas, chromaffin, and non-chromaffin paragangliomas are labelled. Epithelial neuroendocrine neoplasms of the pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, lungs, gastointestinal tract and skin are also reactive.


    •  0.1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  0.5 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  1 ml conc. (recommended dilution 1:100)

    •  7 ml diluted, ready to use (RTU)