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Production of antibodies to order

LTD. "Primmed" produces and sells a wide range of monoclonal antibodies specific to various proteins. The company specializes in development and production of monoclonal antibodies and antigens, used in immunodiagnosis of cancer pathology. Our antibodies can used to create diagnostic test systems used in clinical practice, and are widely used in scientific researches. Our antibodies have been successfully used in a number of applications immunochemical methods: immunohistochemistry, enzyme immunoassay, Western blotting, immunoprecipitation and immunofluorescence.

LTD. "Primmed" provides a full range of services for antibody production.

  • assistance in antigen synthesis (in case of its absence)
  • immunization of animals
  • getting hybrid
  • selection of monoclones
  • production of antibodies in culture medium
  • the affinity purification
  • detailed characteristics of monoclonal antibodies obtained (testing the possibility of using the obtained antibodies in various molecular biological methods: IGC, ELISA, if, Western blot, etc.)