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Antibodies to Ki-67, clone (GM001) mouse, concentrated

Antibodies to Ki-67, clone (GM001) mouse, concentrated

Cat No. 10-310008
Ki-67 antigen
Mouse source
Clone GM001
Isotype IgG1
Configuration concentrated
Method IGH (FFZP or frozen) / Western blot
Dilution 1: 100
Demasking antigens Thermal, Citrate buffer pH 6
Reactivity Man. The rest is unknown.
Localization Nuclear
Positive control Tonsil tissue
Permitted RUO
Packing 1 ml
Storage conditions 2-8 ° C

Full description

These antibodies are specific to the Ki-67 antigen, a nuclear protein associated with proliferation, which is expressed in all active phases of the cell cycle. Quantitative determination of the fraction of nuclear cells expressing Ki-67 allows us to estimate the size of the fraction of proliferating cells in tissue with high accuracy. Evaluation of the proliferative index of tumors plays the role of an important prognostic indicator.

1. Al-Jamal RT, et al. Curr Eye Res. 2006 Jan; 31 (1): 57-672. Gerdes J, et al. J Immunol. 1984 Oct; 133 (4): 1710-5

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