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Исследования осуществляются ООО "ПраймБиоМед" при грантовой поддержке фонда "Сколково"


Production Production OOO "Primmed" equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing to produce a wide range of biotechnological products. Special attention in the creation of production was paid to cellular and protein technologies. Our production facilities are able to provide all the need of the Russian Federation in antibodies for IGH diagnosis oncological disease. Close contact with the Research and development Department Development allows you to quickly translate the results of research into production.

quality management System (QMS), OOO "Primmed" built taking into account all the requirements for such productions international standard ISO13485. The company is currently certified according to standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2012

Basic principles of production:

  • Quality- strict adherence to and documentation of production processes
  • flexibility- ability to move quickly from one product type to another
  • future-proof – implementation of the most advanced technologies to obtain innovative products.