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Conducting multiplex analysis

OOO "Primmed" offers services for carrying out multiplex analysis and sells hardware and ready-made kits for the diagnosis.

multiplex analysis is a biomedical analytical method allowing to measure simultaneously the presence of multiple complex molecules in a single biological sample. For a few minutes in one drop of the patient's blood can be determined from 10 up to 1000 biological markers of one class (DNA, RNA or proteins). For example, this technology allows the genotyping of HPV (HPV) and HCV (hepatitis C virus), prenatal screening for down syndrome, prenatal screening of TORCH pathogens, allergen screening, analysis mutations in KRAS and BRAF.

Principle. The basis of diagnostic kits PlexBio lie nanoparticles with applied barcode, conjugated with antibodies or DNA molecules, a signal reader and software tools for analysis of the obtained data. When passing through the magnetic the field of nanoparticles, the device can accurately determine what kind of label passes the detector. At the same time, the sample is further associated with the molecule of phycoerythrin and the device can recognize the moment of passage of particles. 

when the signal from the magnetic label and the molecule coincide phycoerythrin in time, the device recognizes the complex, as associated sample and defines it. As a result, the computer determines the number of analytes that are not only present in the sample qualitatively, but also quantitatively. In addition, the ability to combine multiple PCR or ELISA analyses at once saves time laboratory assistant, doctor or researcher. Also it allows to reduce the amount of sample required for the analysis.

ready diagnostic kits:

  • TORCH Diagnostics
  • down syndrome detection Kit
  • Cytokine panels
  • HPV Genotyping
  • HCV Genotyping
  • KRAS-mutation
  • BRAF-mutation